Doors Open Day at 112

Within the frames of the project implemented by 112 and Georgian Red Cross Society, students visit 112 Tbilisi Center and gain knowledge and skills about the first medical aid. Students receive information about the operation of 112. Besides, during the training, students learn how to perform CPR and administer other types of medical aid. The project aims to prepare youth for emergencies. Training allows attendees to provide first aid before the arrival of the medical crews.

Visit 112

Since July 2019, 112 has been hosting citizens at Tbilisi PSAP. The project aims to raise citizen awareness and represents a new channel of communication between 112 and citizens of Georgia. This, on the other hand, strengthens transparent and accountable public services. During the visit, citizens can inquire about various topics around different topics and ask questions to the top management of 112. Visitors are made familiar with the work of the call-takers and dispatchers and are informed about planned activities. Each citizen can visit 112 upon filling out a simple registration form. 112 is always ready to answer questions and familiarize guests with the PSAP operation and the standard of cooperating with the call-taker.

Innovative Kids Project – “112 Spaceship”

“112 Spaceship” is an innovative project. Specifically for this project, an exact mini replica of 112 building was created, where futuristically dressed call takers help kids play emergency-related computer games. Winners become the “members of 112 Spaceship” and are awarded special entrance permit for 112 Tbilisi Center. During the visit, kids are made familiar with the operation of 112 and how call takers are assisting callers during emergencies. The project aims to raise awareness about emergencies among the kids – when to call 112 and how to cooperate with the call-taker. 112 has presented the above-mentioned project in Tbilisi and different regions of Georgia and covered thousands of kids about the single emergency number in Georgia

Special Title – Hero of 112

Every year on the International Children Day – June 1, 112 awards kids with the special title of “Hero of 112”. Kids that called 112 during emergencies and provided call-takers with all necessary information are awarded the mentioned title. The project aims to encourage young callers who have displayed exemplary civil consciousness.

Awareness Raising About Single Emergency Number among the Children

112 is implementing the project “Awareness Raising about Single Emergency Number among the Children” which aims to familiarize children with the single emergency number. Within the frames of the project, Rustavi and Tbilisi PSAPs host thousands of schoolchildren. 112 representatives hold presentations for children and teach them what qualifies as an emergency, what number they should dial in case of an emergency, and how to cooperate with the call taker. Special attention is paid to the threats of making false and prank calls and the legislative sanctions that will follow making non-emergency calls. During the visits, 112 representatives show schoolchildren around inside the call center.